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You can support us by making a one-off or recurring financial donation, or with a material donation.

Making a material donation

Almost all of the items in our collections come from your donations. By handing down your machines, games and documents to MO5.COM, you contribute to the preservation of this heritage and allow others to discover them.

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Financial donation with Paypal

You can provide financial support to the association (on top of your subscription) by making a one-off or recurring donation with PayPal.


MO5.COM has been in existence now for more than 20 years and operates without any subsidies. It is financed through its members’ subscriptions and a financial contribution requested from the partners hosting our exhibitions. The amounts are often small, because we want to avoid making it expensive to host one of our exhibitions. We rely on donations to cover our expenses without hampering our other activities.
MO5.COM must invest to further improve the conservation of its collections and finance its premises. Professional conservation equipment is expensive. This may include neutral cardboard packaging, air filtering systems, textile storage furniture, absolute filtration vacuum cleaners, specific stands for storing POS adverts and other large-size items. Purchasing all these equipments allows us to better preserve our heritage and to get as close as possible to the conservation standards enacted in the “museum law”.
Your donations are not tax-deductible at this time, because MO5.COM is not recognized as a general interest or public utility organization. However, the necessary steps to be granted one of these status are currently under way.
Absolutely. The safety and confidentiality of your personal data is our top priority. We use an SSL certificate to protect your data, and donations sent through the PayPal platform are secure. We will not sell, trade or share your personal data with anyone, and we will not send any e-mail to donors on behalf of other organizations.

Where do your material donations go ?

Depending on an item’s type, rarity and condition, it can have different destinations for its second life:

  • The core collection gathers the most remarkable and/or iconic items, on account of their rarity, condition or historical importance. They are inventoried, photographed and stored in an area protected from light and any significant changes in temperature and humidity.
  • The study collection gathers more common items in working condition, if necessary after repair in our workshop. These items can then be made available to the public visiting our exhibitions.
  • If we already own several or better condition copies of the donated item, it may eventually be traded with or loaned to international institutions (non-profit organizations, museums, scientific establishments, etc.). If an item proves impossible to fix, its parts may be used to restore other machines.

But in no case will your donation be resold. This is not our policy and will never be.

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