Board members and managers

  • Philippe Dubois

  • David Soumet

  • Richard Mathieu

  • Anne-Solène Hervé

Les membres du bureau et les responsables

The board members are responsible for the adequate administrative and financial operation of the association. They also define the general direction it must take to pursue its endeavor.

The activity managers coordinate the volunteers’ work in each field, and discuss with the board members the setting of priorities, the material means required, and any topic directly related to their field.

Of course, board members and managers take part in the regular activities of the association, just like all active members!

The Role of Members

All registered members who have paid their membership fees may take part in all of the association’s activities, depending on their free time, skills and interests.

These activities include:

  • Fitting out the premises housing our collections,
  • Inventorying our hardware, software and paper collections,
  • Preparing and animating exhibitions,
  • Fixing hardware items,
  • Designing communication media (graphic elements, web development, videos, etc.),
  • Preparing and participating in podcasts,
  • And any other one-off activities.

They are also invited to all the friendly events organized within the association – meals, parties, etc. – and can meet our honorary members on a regular basis as well as all the important figures who support our endeavor.

Our premises are located in the suburbs of Paris, so that’s where our activity takes place for the most part. However, we also organize exhibitions in other regions and even abroad, which offers our members the opportunity to get involved if they wish. Besides, some activities do not necessarily require to be physically present on our premises.

Finally, the sheer fact of being a member of the association counts a lot, because it increases its influence and contributes to the achievement of its objective. Anyone who supports our action can therefore act simply by joining us.

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