Our Collections in the Service of Preservation

MO5.COM has assembled one of the largest collections in Europe related to the digital and video gaming heritage.

Through a unique approach centered on research, preservation and dissemination of an ever-evolving heritage, MO5.COM became a reference actor with an excellent knowledge of the field.

This one-of-its-kind collection includes computers, home consoles, arcade cabinets, demo kiosks, as well as documentations, magazines, promotional items and of course a great number of software for each machine. Containing an estimated 60,000 items, its main goal is to fulfill a major project – the founding of a national museum dedicated to the digital heritage.

Our core collection, which gathers the rarest and best condition items, is stored in an area protected from light, humidity and any significant change in temperature.

The most common items, of which we own multiple copies or need to be repaired, make up our study collection, which supplies our exhibitions and may be consulted by students, researchers or journalists.

The way new items or works enter our collections can be described in a few steps:

  • We receive donations and dispatch them to our collections (hardware, software, documents, etc.),
  • We clean, test and fix the hardware items as needed,
  • The newly received items are catalogued by our collection managers,
  • They are added to the core or study collection, and valorized through numerous exhibitions and shows throughout the year.

MO5.COM also plays an advisory role to the various communities of collectors or amateurs to which it is constantly connected, and from which it also collects expertise in very specific fields.

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