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Verification of proper operation and first start of the Micral N

By Philippe Dubois, President. Translation by Sébastien Marty. In this eighth article, we are going to get a little more into the heart of the matter. After having studied, reverse-engineered the Micral N’s boards and even replaced some components, we are finally about to restart our unit for the first

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The beginnings of an emulator

By Sylvain Glaize. Translation by Sébastien Marty. Let’s go back a bit. From the moment we first discussed the project, there was the idea of creating a Micral N simulator. And this for two main reasons. First of all to offer everyone, at the end of the day, the opportunity

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MO5’s Micral N Restoration Team

In this sixth article, we are going to review the members of the MO5 association who are working to restore our Micral N and get it running again!   Jean-François Del Nero : Jean-François is our chief technical engineer. Give him anything with a bit of electronics in it, he’ll

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